Ripe HD FLV Player



How to Configure HD Ripe FLV Player

Display and Tool tip Settings

These settings allow you to control (switch between on, off & auto-hide) for the following:

  • Button Tool tips
  • Player Controls (Seek, volume, play, pause, full-screen controls)
  • Side Bar controls (E-mail, embed and video size controls)

XML nodes:
<Control Name=”playButton” Tip=”Play Video”/>
Name – Refers to the button’s name.
Tip – Refers to the label given to the particular button.
<ControlItem Name=” ” Enabled=” ” AutoHide=” ” />
Name – refers to the control name which cannot be changed
Enabled – refers to the value (true/false) which toggle the control
AutoHide – refers to the value (true/false) which toggle the control to hide automatically.

Pre, Post and Mid Roll Ads Settings
You’ll be able to control the various advertisements displayed throughout your video.
The advertisements can be an image or video, which can be configured through these settings. Pre-roll and post-roll ads can be shown before and after video playback and more than one mid-roll ad can be inserted into a video.
Pre-Roll XML nodes:
<PreRoll Type=” ” DurationInSeconds=”" Enabled=” “>
Type – Allows you to choose whether your ad is in video or image format.
DurationInSeconds – Refers to the length of your advertisements.
Enabled – The “true/false” value for enabling the pre-roll ads
Post Roll XML nodes:
<PostRoll Type=” ” DurationInSeconds=”" Enabled=” “>
You can configure this the same way as the pre-roll XML.
Mid-roll XML nodes:
<MidRoll Enabled=” ” Duration=”">
Enabled – The “true/false” value to enable mid-roll advertisements.
Duration – At what point during the video the advertisement will begin to play.
<Ad ThumbNail=” ” Header=”" Content=”" ClickUrl=”" ClickTarget=”" />
Thumbnail – The mid-roll ad related icon / image file path. Leave this field blank if you do not want a thumbnail.
Header – What the header will read in the text.
Content – The description to go along with your header, sort of
ClickUrl – The URL the viewer will be directed to if he / she click the ad.
ClickTarget – The target the viewer will be sent to if the link is clicked.
ClickTarget – refers to the target of the mid-roll ad link
Sidebar Button Settings
These settings allow you to change the values and inputs of the sidebar control buttons, such as the e-mail and embed codes. You can use these settings to configure the embed coding and specify the e-mail server’s PHP path.
Email and Embed Code XML nodes:
<EmbedCode><![CDATA[Embed Code Text]]>
<Share EmailPHPPath=”email.php”/>
Other Settings and Options
There are some other settings in the XML configuration you can use for configuring the video file path and related video list. You can also use the FlashVars to adjust the settings for sending the video file, toggling the autoplay value and configuring the XML path as a whole using the following.
Related Video list and Video Path XML nodes:
<File HDVideoPath=”video.flv” AutoPlay=”false”/>
<RelatedVideoList XmlPath=”xml/videolist.xml” Enabled=”false”/>

Using swfobject.js, you can add the following FlashVars to the player: