Embed video
The embed button in the sidebars allows users to share your video on their own websites. Not only will this benefit your website, but users will be able to share the unique on their blog, social networking profile, at forums and communities, etc. Plus, the embed code can be copied and pasted easily, allowing users to share the video in stunning HD while it’s being viewed in a sleek and stylish video player.                                   This is, without question, the best way to share your unique videos across the Web!

Share video link to friends
The e-mail button allows you to share a video with your friends and family with ease. A simple yet well-designed window pops up with three fields for your e-mail address, your friend’s e-mail address and a box that allows you to input your own message and comments to go along with the video, similar to YouTube. Sharing videos has never been easier, and the HD Ripe FLV player enables you to go beyond                          the sharing of just a link.

Video Size
Some people prefer more than just two or three options when it comes to resizing our video player. Adjusting the video aspect ratios allows the video to be displayed in the proper size and can even help you adjust the video to suit your visual needs. Regardless of how you need your video to be displayed, we offer five different aspect ratios. These include: 3:2, 4:3, 16:9, 1.85:1, 2.39:1.

Various Video Formats
Not only do we support flash video, but we support eight different popular formats and plan on expanding supported formats in future updates. Support formats include: MP4, M4V, M4A, MOV, Mp4v, F4V, H.264 and FLV.

XML Driven player settings
Nearly all of the HD Ripe Player’s settings can be configured straight from our XML config file. Editing an XML file will become second nature in due time and configuring your optimal settings will be a breeze with this simple file.

All advertising settings can be configured easily to suit your needs. Mid-roll advertisements can be set up easily with your settings file and you can place as many as you choose throughout the video. Image advertisements are also just as easy to set up for the pre and post-roll, so there’s no more struggling with placing ads in your video – The HD Ripe Player makes it so simple!

Other Features:
> Enable / Disable your fullscreen hardware options.
> Create a ‘Related Video’ list, similar to the ones you typically see on YouTube.
> Ability to control the volume limit when sharing a video (great for files with significantly low or high audio!).